Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camino de Santiago - update after 7 days

A couple of days behind with this blogging business. However, my priorities when I finish for the day are eating, washing myself and my kit, eating, writing my journal and eating. If I get all that done, then I eat some more and then I do my blog!

So after 7 days on the Camino de Santiago, I'm sitting in my albergue in Reliegos about 15 miles from Leon. I've covered around 430 km, ranging from 54-70 km per day and passed the halfway mark earlier today. I'm well ahead of my 16 day schedule and if all continues well, I may be able to get to Finisterre on the Atlantic Coast. 

Body is behaving so far, and I am very satisfied with its performance up to now!! May need an overhaul when I finish!!

I'm unable to upload photos from my phone directly to this blog but have made my Facebook album viewable by all. It can be viewed here

Absolutely loving it. This is really a very special experience. 

Happy days indeed. 

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