Thursday, May 14, 2015

Camino de Santiago Thursday 14th May: Day 2

Zabildilka - Estella
53.7km, total time on the way 8:45hrs

Left just before 08:00 after another hearty breakfast. had forgotten how yummy Nutella is.

Quickly arrived in Pamplona. Unfortunately, I was too early, and the cathedral and all the churches were closed! Visited the fabulously Art Deco Cafe Iruna  - favourite haunt of Ernest Hemingway. Thought I'd be underwhelmed by Pamplona but was strangely moved as I passed through, following in the steps of thousands before me. 

Ran though fields of corn and poppies, always accompanied  by birdsong. 
Arrived at Alto del Perdon with its whirring wind turbines and metal silhouettes. The sound of the wind blowing through the statues was ethereal. 

Stopped in Puento La Reina and visited the 2 main churches, then had a mighty fine bocadillos (sandwich). 

Passed Maneru - spot the anagram. Then on to the beautiful medieval hilltop village of Cirauqui. 

Then it was down into Estella where I am staying at the Albergue ANFAS (in support of the mentally handicapped). A single dormitory with 34 beds. Ear plugs at the ready, it's likely to be snorefest!

Another great day on the Camino. I just haven't stopped smiling. There really aren't enough superlatives to describe the experience of doing the Camino de Santiago, and the associated emotions. Jenny, we really have to do this together one day. 

Phrase of the day: "This church opens an hour after Richard is here." 
My Spanish is rudimentary but I'm pretty sure that's what all the signs said. 

Comments of the day:
Danish man: "Remember to relax - this is meant to be a holiday."
Richard: "Don't worry - I'm more relaxed than a relaxed thing."
I don't thing he got it!!

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