Sunday, November 01, 2015

The dog ate my homework

A couple of friends have asked me where my UTMB blog is.

Well, it is half done. Or half undone. And the truth is that it has been half done for nearly 2 months.

And every time I think about finishing it, every time I thing about doing anything creative, that pesky black dog barks outside the back door trying to get in. It is louder at this time of year, it likes the darkness.

That annoying dog takes a lot of time and attention. It takes more than it gives. It is not man’s best friend.

It doesn’t want to go for a walk. It doesn’t want to go for a run. It simply wants, and takes, all your time and energy. It drains your positivity. And once in that door, it is destructive. It takes over.

Few understand it.

Nobody likes it.

Many know this dog, understand its nature, its desire to destroy all things positive.  Some hear it whilst many others see and feel its effects and devastation.

However, on this occasion, it isn’t get in.  I won’t allow it. Jenny and I have bolted the door.

The barking is getting quieter