Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Camino de Santiago - finished!

Just to let everyone know that I reached Santiago de Compostela, or more accurately the cathedral at about 09:30 yesterday morning. 

Since then I have been pottering around, simply enjoying the energy of the place and the massive sense of positivity that is ever present. Much time for reflection. 

And I've been eating 'some' ice cream!!

In bare figures, it took me just over 12 days to travel just under 800km (500 miles). I covered between 54-72km/day, averaging around 63km/day. Including sight seeing, chatting and food rests, I was out for 8.5-12 hours daily. 

However, this was never about time, distance or numbers. Yes, of course it was a big physical challenge, but that was not the primary reason for doing the Camino de Santiago. It is a pilgrimage and it has been has been a pilgrimage for me. I have had many, many very special experiences, encounters, and conversations.  Many moments of sheer wonder. It has been a remarkable experience - one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  

Now I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow.  

I will fill in the gaps in my daily updates on my return and will upload photos. When I've got myself suitably recovered, I will put some thoughts and conclusions together. 

Thanks to everyone who has followed my adventure and sent encouragement - always greatly appreciated. 


Mike Dobson-Hornett said... [Reply to comment]
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Mike Dobson-Hornett said... [Reply to comment]

Richard, take a bow :) and many congratulations on your personal pilgrimage. Look forward to the pictures and of course your thoughts and conclusions. I too am heading into the realms of solo adventures and have some summer things planned ... watch this space. Best Wishes Mike

Richard Lendon said... [Reply to comment]

@Mike Dobson-Hornett
Thanks Mike. Interested to know what you have planned!
The more I do this, the more I realise that there's a whole world of adventure out there - race and organised events are great, but there plenty of personal adventures out there :)

Dina do Couto said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for sharing the experience, really enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I will be running the portuguese camino coastal route in September much shorter distance in comparison.

Richard Lendon said... [Reply to comment]

@Dina do Couto
Thanks Dina. Portuguese Camino looks good 😀 hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Buen Camino

jsreed said... [Reply to comment]

Richard. Thank you for this wonderful account. I learned of your blog from the CDS forum but just now had the time to read it in its entirety. For a while I thought I might finally read a blog that never mentioned the word 'blister' but alas there was day 11. I liked your "staccato writing style" that gave the sense of running. My favorite comment: "I came here seeking something. Some understanding . Some direction. What I am finding is peace. Inner and outer. At one with myself, my fellow pilgrims and the world around me." Congratulations on your vision and your accomplishment. Jim Reed(jayree), Gig Harbor,WA

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