Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camino de Santiago Tuesday 19th May: Day 7

Carrion de los Condes - Reliegos
72.0km, total time on the way 11hrs. 

What a fab day. At one stage during the afternoon, I felt I could just keep going all day.

However, leaving at 06:30, I felt really flat for a couple of hours. It was the first morning that my legs felt properly sore; my calves and hammies very really stiff. 

I stopped in Calzadilla after 17km and had a great cafe con leche and a chocolate pastry from a lovely little old-fashioned village shop, and that seemed to do the trick.  

I finally managed to lose one of my water bottles!

Chatted for a while with a Dutch couple on their 59th day of walking from Amsterdam. As he pointed out, "We are all making our own journey"

Terradillos de Los Templarios marked the halfway point of the Camino. 

Then it was on to Sahagun, a nice town with several interesting churches that were all locked. 

Feeling great, I elected to take the slightly longer, but more scenic, route via Calzadilla de los Hermanillos, then Reliegos, along the line of a Roman road. The main route is totally roadside for the next 30km. During the 8km to Calzadilla I saw 2 walkers and a group of cyclists. It was stunningly beautiful, peaceful and just joyous. And birdsong always accompanying me. 

I came here seeking something. Some understanding . Some direction.  What I am finding is peace. Inner and outer. At one with myself, my fellow pilgrims and the world around me. I have found the old Richard and everything is good. Now to ensure it stays that way. 

Grabbed an ice cream at Calzadilla, then started the 17km to Reliegos. I saw nobody for 12km, until I rejoined the main route. Superb.
The last 5km were tough and I was relieved when Reliegos came into view. 

I went to Albergue Gil where I thought I'd booked a bunk but found myself in a single room for 30€...ah well!! I have actually learnt a little Spanish out here but I'm still fairly woeful. 
Wandered round the village and bought some snacks before having a good dinner and heading back to my room. 

That's pretty much the end of the Meseta and it's off to Leon tomorrow. I'm now 1.5 days ahead of my 16 day schedule. If I keep this going I may make it to Finisterre!!

Phrase of the day:
"We are all making our own journey"

Comment of the day:
German man: "You're a bit crazy!"
Richard: "Actually, I'm a lot crazy!"

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