Friday, September 30, 2011

At last...... last I seem to have recovered from the High Peaks race and my prolonged viral illness. Knew I'd put a lot into the race just to finish but I was beginning to get very fed up with feeling knackered all the time!

Tried a couple of short runs last weekend but felt so tired with absolutely no strength in my legs. Resting heart rate was still 7 or 8 up on normal so I should have guessed the likely outcome. Did investigate a little bit of the Viking Way going south out of Lincoln though which was a pleasant change, as I'm getting really frustrated by the lack of hills etc round here - at least it was mildly undulating!!

Anyway, took Monday off and then did a belting 6 mile tempo run Tuesday lunch-time and that got the endorphins going! Longer slower run Wednesday lunch - feeling good again but managed to re-strain one of my left hip flexors. Very gentle 7miles yesterday just to confirm that my groin really did hurt! Really must learn to listen to my body rather than paying homage to the training diary/weekly mileage.........

Hopefully decent long run first thing in the morning - planning to try out my new LED Lenser headtorch in preparation for my attempt on Caesar's Camp - and then 3 week re-taper, if I can actually manage to do the rest thing!

It will have been my first proper week's training since before the UltraRace Peaks - I'm not including my Castleton recce 2 days?!

Caesar's Camp?! Yes, a moment of madness.....but nothing ventured, nothing gained .....or something like that.

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