Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next up - High Peak 40 mile Challenge

High Peak 40 mile Challenge on Saturday which I had been really looking forward to since my last race and particularly since my recent recce.

However...I tweaked something in my groin last Tuesday doing a fast 6 miles, then stupidly tried to run it off the next day. Rested Thursday & Friday and it felt fine. Saturday planned 10-12 miles slow and was fine for 45 min - then sore again so called it a day. Lots of stretching and a couple of gym sessions since. Just done my traditional 3-4 gentle miles as last pre-race run and it feels OK - fingers crossed. My left thigh/groin seems to be rotating it's injuries round at the moment!!

Also think I've got a bit of a bug - been feeling nauseous for 2-3 days and absolutely exhausted - really lacking energy.

Hopefully all will be well by the weekend and I'll feel motivated again but right now, the thought of running 40miles on Saturday doesn't sound like a heap of fun.
Must watch a motivational video!

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