Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Marathon des Sables

So I’m off to Morocco and the MdS tomorrow. This is the event that initially drew me to ultra-running, and I've had a place in this year's event since May 2011, so I should be really excited. 

I’m not!

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it but not the raw excitement that I should be feeling.

Preparation hasn’t been ideal. I’ve definitely got the miles in my legs from the Spine and all my mini-adventures, but I had been hoping to do a few faster runs. A minor hamstring strain hasn’t helped, and neither has the weather!

I am a great believer that to perform well, the body and the mind have to be in the right place, hopefully at their respective peaks. Unfortunately, my head most certainly hasn’t been in the right place. My depression has been rolling in like dark storm clouds. It’s certainly not as bad as last year, but bad enough to sap my energy, enthusiasm and motivation. I’ve had the few days before and after Easter off work, and, following discussions, will be changing my meds on my return from the desert.

This time last week was the low point. My motivation was so low that I actually made enquiries into deferring my entry. A relaxing (and understanding!) weekend with Jenny seemed to do the trick, and enabled me to enjoy sorting out all my gear.
The rock that is my Jenny. Wadi Rum, Jordan 2007
I’m getting the train to Gatwick tomorrow and meeting up with Graeme Harvey and others at the Travelodge, before flying on Thursday. Hopefully once I’m with all the other UK competitors their excitement will prove infectious.

So, I am looking forward to it now. Top 50 – I doubt it. Top 100 – hmm!? My main goal is now to enjoy what is probably a once in a lifetime experience.

My Dad rang me this morning to wish me luck. He said it was incredible what I was doing......and all also that I must be mad. Well, that's well documented!

At least it should be warmer than it has been here!

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