Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A happy day made sad......

I returned home from Morocco yesterday having successfully completed the Marathon des Sables (MdS); the event that first drew me into the world of ultra-running.

I returned with stories of great bravery, great humility, of humans helping other humans, putting others before themselves.

I saw the happiness of disabled children as they crossed the desert in their special chairs under the constant power of never-tiring French firemen. 

I saw an amputee with a specially constructed prosthesis, visually impaired runners. True courage.

I rediscovered the importance of good company, the importance of community spirit. 

Pain, anguish, determination, joy, tears in abundance. 

I was inspired by, and drew energy from the joy of others as they crossed the finish line

I returned with a heart full of love for my Jenny, for my children, and for my family, ready to return all the love and support they have given me in recent months and over the years. To give more than to take. 

I returned happy, with joy in my heart, my faith in the human spirit restored.

This morning I am greeted by the atrocities at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and I am horrified. Sickened. 

A happy day made truly sad.

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