Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A nice little outing in the Peak District

I had an entertaining day in the Peak District last Friday. 

Had planned an early morning run from home but when I went to re-charge my head torch it had mysteriously disappeared - probably in the Hebden Bridge area! Had been considering getting a Petzl NAO so here was a perfect excuse for a visit to my favourite local (relatively) outdoor shop - Outside in Hathersage.

Weather wasn't looking too good when I emerged from the shop with torch, new Sportiva Wildcats (whoops) and Jenny's Christmas presents - low lying cloud and fog. As I parked in Castleton it was looking slightly more optimistic. 

I set off up Cave Dale and ran up out of the clag into the sun - just beautiful. 

Looking down Cave Dale
Looking further up Cave Dale
Had a lovely run across to Mam Tor as the sun fully broke through, then up & over Lose Hill, up to Hope Cross and towards Edale before climbing back to Hollins Cross and back to Castleton.

Had a couple of interesting encounters en route. On the steps up Mam Tor, I had a prolonged chat to a couple who quizzed me about ultra running. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can chat for England! Then, descending from Hollins Cross, I saw a group of 4 older walkers beating their way through the bracken - on seeing me they asked where the path was. I answered that I was on it!! They made their way up to me and asked me further directions. Their leader showed me their proposed route at which point I pointed out that he was currently navigating on the wrong side of the map!! Had to have a wry smile to myself!

All in all, a fun day out - at several points I was reminded of the reasons I run and love to be outdoors

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