Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 - My Most-est Quad-Ultra

So…..with entry to next year's GUCR confirmed, 2013 heralds ………..

My Most-est Quad-Ultra

Jan   -  The Spine 268 miles, "Britain's Most Brutal Race"

April -  Marathon des Sables 150+ miles, "The Toughest Footrace On Earth"

May -  Grand Union Canal Race 145 miles, "Britain's Longest Annual Non-Stop Running Race"

July -  Ultra Tour Lake District (UTLD) 105 miles, "The Most Spectacular Long Distance Trail Race In The UK"

Let's not have a debate over the legitimacy of the above claims (especially with regards to the MdS) - I've taken these off the appropriate websites. Anyway, they're all pretty tough. Long & cold, long & hot, long & flat, long & bumpy! 

So that's my challenge for next year - always good to have a goal. Will be setting up a sponsorship page at a later date.

It's so good to be in a positive state of mind!

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