Friday, March 30, 2012

Session with Rory Coleman

On Tuesday, I went over to Fitness First in Derby and had a "refresher" session with Rory Coleman. Basically, we chatted for an hour then we did an hour in the gym.

We discussed where I am and what I want to do. He described me as "being in a fog"! He really thinks I can go a long way (metaphorically, that is!) in ultra-running but need to really re-focus and work to a plan. We discussed the fact that I like the adventure but he pointed out window of opportunity for running representatively is small but the events will always be there - very true! He is so positive about my ability - I must listen. He thinks I'm crazy for doing The Spine (but at least I didn't do it all!) and taking on The Viking Way Ultra. Diet was in there as well. He joined with Jenny and my Mum in saying I don't eat enough - I may listen to one of them one day!!

Bottom-line is, after the Viking Way, I going to recover well, then focus on some key races. I'm going to enter the Celtic Plate in July which is an event to get "spotted"at - 100km round a park in Cardiff. To this end, I probably do the Woodhall Spa 10km, and Humber 1/2 marathon in June as build-up - need to work on some speed now! Will have to save the UTLD for another year.

An hour in the gym with Rory is always "fun". He introduced me to some treadmill sessions including The Kenyan which basically involves running very steeply uphill quickly for 2 minutes, then 1 minute rest, to be repeated for 30 minutes. He tried to break me......but no way! Then some weights - 3 minutes continuous leg presses, leg extensions and seated squats. Hello Mr Lactic Acid!

All in all , a really good and helpful session. Rory knows which buttons to push and I have to now re-focus, work towards a goal, and transfer a really solid winter base to some great performances. It's probably going to hurt but pain is only temporary.

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