Friday, March 02, 2012

Viking Way recce's

Last Friday I decided to recce the Viking Way from Woodhall Spa to Lincoln. This section may well be in the dark come race day so a sensible bit to do.

I left work early on Friday afternoon, and drove the short distance from Coningsby to Woodhall Spa. Leaving my car there for the night, I set off along the Viking Way and promptly missed a turning after 10 minutes! Map now in hand, I carried on to Stixwould then Southrey where I saw one of our physios driving home. On Monday morning, she asked where I had been going. When I said “Home to Lincoln” it just confirmed my insanity to her!

I wasn’t really enjoying the run at this stage. I often find it takes 60-90 minutes for me to get into my long runs – until then it can be a bit of a drag and a mental battle - “Why am I doing this when I could just drive home and have a rest?”

I was very wary as I passed the “Beware of the Bull” sign. At this point, wearing a red shirt didn’t seem like such a good idea. Fortunately, no sign of aforementioned bull and I safely made it to Bardney. Getting in my running by now and enjoying the sunny afternoon, I negotiated the fiddly route to Fiskerton, then 4km along the River Witham into the setting sun. Lovely. Another fiddly bit into the outskirts of Lincoln, then used my local knowledge to get to the cathedral and then drop down home.

25 miles, 8:43/mile

This of course left the slight problem of my car in Woodhall Spa, so like any good ultra runner would do, I got up early on Saturday morning and ran to Woodhall Spa. This time I followed the River Witham all the way to Bardney which can be boring but I found very peaceful on this occasion. Then took the Viking Way from Bardney back to Woodhall Spa. Car present, unscathed, and with 4 wheels – well, this is Lincolnshire!

I actually felt better during the Saturday morning run which was really pleasing, and I was also faster.

19 miles. 8:27/mile

All in all a really pleasing weekend, followed by 3 good runs this week. Training right back on track.

Taking tomorrow off as leave and will either check out the last section from Grantham to Oakham, or do some of section before Horncastle. Indecisive as ever!

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