Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready for my 1st ultra-marathon's my 1st ultra-marathon on Sunday - UltraRace Peaks 40 miles. Excited but nervous.

Training has gone pretty well. I've done some solid long runs, with 5-6 runs over 20miles, going up to 27miles. Have been sticking to my plan fairly well. Did some great hill walking in the Spanish Pyrenees (post to follow!) during our 2 weeks in France/Spain at the end of July, and also a few really nice hilly & sandy trail runs around the flat in Moliets.

A few niggly injuries - left quad. seems to be a law to itself, with a different area sore after each run. Achilles just about holding up but a bit sore over this weekend. Hoping a restful week will do the trick.

Major points going into the race:
1. I have to get comfortable with the run/walk tactic - planning a 25:5 run:walk on Sunday after the first hour running.
2. Don't forget to drink!
3. Don't forget to eat - have to make a conscious effort to keep the calories going in. Planning to take about 100 kCal/30min eg 1 gel or half a powerbar. Will start with 1 bottle electrolyte & 1 bottle carb/electrolyte in order to get Cals in early.
4. Ignore pace and try to run to body/HR - I need to make a conscious effort to start slower and keep HR around 130 or less well into the race.

Wish me luck!

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