Friday, January 10, 2014

The Spine v3 2014

So The Spine v3 2014 starts tomorrow at 08:00.

This morning I woke with nervous anticipation as the start looms ever closer. Not the sheer terror and panic before the 2012 race, or the brewing excitement and determination of last year but just a gentle anticipation of the task ahead.

I remember all the highs of last year and also some of the pain and huge lows during the race, but as time passes the highs become more memorable and the lows less important. They say this happens to women after childbirth.

'Newbies' will be feeling understandably scared; the fear of the unknown. Us ’veterans’ just nervous; we know what’s out there. It doesn’t make it any easier; we just know what to expect.

It’s been a very long trip to even get to the start. On the running front, an almost perfect first 6 months of year with finishes in The Spine (5th=), MdS (77th), Hardmoors 110 (7th) and Lakes 10 peaks (7th), followed by a less memorable second 6 months when I had to focus of getting my enjoyment and motivation back. On the personal front, a pretty poor first 6 months following by an even worse second 6 months. I have spent much of the year drowning under the weight of my depression and have pushed all my family to the limits of their love and patience. I know it has affected everyone around me and for that I am truly sorry. I also thank everyone for their love and support when I have most needed it.

My enthusiasm for life has been pretty low at times. I didn’t make it to the Spine Training weekend as my head was in a torrid place. Even as late as this Monday, I put all my Spine kit back in the drawers, not sure that I could face it.

But face it I can, and face it I will.

Over the next week, I (and I imagine all competitors) will have moments that encapsulate all possible emotions. There will be laughter. There will probably be tears. However, the finish and the whole experience is worth it all. Good luck to all

That which does not kill us makes us stronger 

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Jerry Smallwood said... [Reply to comment]

The very best of luck Richard, I will be following you all the way

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