Sunday, October 06, 2013

The world is flat....well, it used to be.

I always read with interest, be that in the press, in books, or on Facebook and other 'social media', the ever changing and evolving theories on nutrition and hydration in endurance events. 

I'm obviously interested to read the science and how it might help me as an endurance athlete, and ultra runner. 

However what really fascinates me is the variety of theories, the perceived and logical correctness of each one, and the individual musings made. Each new theory makes perfect sense, but no sooner has one theory been accepted, then somebody else pops up with a new, totally contrary theory which then becomes the new norm. 

"If you are an endurance athlete, you must eats tonnes of carb and no fat" c.1990's. 
There were stories doing the rounds of the then elite triathletes draining the fluid off their low fat cottage cheese to minimise the fat further. Made sense to me! I didn't eat butter (dry toast with jam), peanut butter, cheese, salami's etc etc for years.

"You should base your diet mainly around carbs, but some fat is good for you and you must have protein" c.2000's. 
Ah, so I can eat a few of those naughty fats. Hello, peanut butter my old friend.

"Actually, a low carb diet, high in fats, is the way to go" c.2013. 
Bloody hell! Eggs and bacon, hello. Cheese, salami, nuts - yes please. Bread, cereal, pasta - don't be silly - that's carbohydrate. You know I don't eat carbs.

I had a conversation with someone at work this week who, when they found out about my running, said that I must eat loads of pasta. "Actually I don't eat it at all. Let me tell you about a low carb diet. It will make absolutely no sense to you"

Same with hydration. 

"Thirst is a bad indicator of dehydration. You must drink regularly; don't wait until you feel thirsty"

"Our bodies have clever mechanisms for looking after hydration. Listen to your body. Drink when you are thirsty" should drink when I feel thirsty and when I don't. Sorted.

And then the circle starts all over. The perceived norm is overtaken by another.

The world is flat. Well, actually it may not be, my friend.

The Sun revolves around the Earth. Well, you may be wrong there too.

Bottom line nobody really know! Well, I'm pretty sure the Earth is roundish.

Experiment. See what works for you. 

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