Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm alive!

Hello again after a bit of a break!

I have to be in a good, happy mood to write and that's not where I've been recently. Hence the radio silence

My Achilles injury initially seemed to worsen for a few weeks. This was to the extent that I just haven't been able to run at all for several weeks. I saw a local sports therapist to good effect, and have also rejoined the gym. Doing some work on the cross trainer and some spin classes has apparently loosened my ankle off, and the release of endorphins has been most welcome!

Yesterday I drove over to Edale and did my first proper run since mid-July. At first I felt like a baby taking its first steps. I was tentative, barely daring to run more than a minute at a time until I realised thatt all seemed well. I ended up doing a fairly gentle 15 miles, 3 hours running, up Jacob's Ladder then along Kinder edge. Ankle was OK and, on a lovely autumnal day, it was just great to be out and running again.

I even showed some sensible self-restraint coming in a bit earlier than planned as I was beginning to 'feel' my ankle. Some common sense at last! To be honest, I was also feeling a bit knackered!!

Even better, there seem to be have no untoward affects - no pain or stiffness today. Happy days!

So back on track again but I'm going to take it steadily at first. Lots of walk/run in the hills rather than long, flat runs round Lincoln if possible.

Today I'm in a good, happy mood.


Ultras and a lttle bit more said... [Reply to comment]

Glad to hear that you are Ok and smiling.
Be glad you ran on the sat and not the Sunday!!

Richard Lendon said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Karen. I saw the weather forecast - was going to stay Saturday night but bailed out as Sunday wasn't looking too friendly!

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