Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Change of Tack

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a change to my blog – not only the design and picture but also the header.

What started out essentially as a training diary with race reports, has metamorphosed into something far more personal, and at times, quite an insight into my psyche. More of an ongoing journey than a single trip.

I started this blog when I got a confirmed place for this year’s MdS, but in the last 2 years my ultra-running, outlook and goals have changed so much that it now feels completely wrong to have a blog that focuses on the MdS. In truth, even though the race is this April, I have barely given it any thought. Apart from sorting out kit, there is little to do – training is ongoing, and mainly in the bag.

If any race were to head up this blog it would be The Spine. This race is now, in running terms, my spiritual home. It has opened my eyes to a whole world of adventure, and a whole new level of human endeavour and endurance. I am proud to have undertaken this race, proud to have come back and finished it, and proud to be part of The Spine family – a certified Spiner!

In the 1990’s I was a triathlete and competed in several Ironman races. At the time, these were pretty “out there” – extreme and for certified madmen (and women). Then running an ultramarathon – 40 or 50 miles – was extreme. My Dad who thinks (well knows!) I’m crazy now refers to these as “short races”. Races such as The Spine, Tor des Geants and many others are pushing the limits further.

I love to be outside in the wild and all around I see more adventures to be had. Stage races, continuous races, personal adventures – I’d love to run the Camino de Santiago or do one of the routes across the Pyrenees one day – there is so much to do!

So this blog will continue to follow my journey.

Happiness ain’t at the end of the road
Happiness IS the road............(or trail!)

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