Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Spine awaits.....

So, it’s just about time for The Spine, “Britain’s most brutal race”, The Pennine Way, 268 miles

The race starts at 0800 on Saturday morning. Jenny and I are driving over to Edale on Friday afternoon for all the briefings etc, and then our last night of comfort at the Rambler’s Inn. It’s great that Jenny is coming along as part of the support team. She is under strict instructions to NOT let me drop out unless I have bone showing, and she has told me that she will NOT be taking me home when she has to leave on Thursday. Bless! She has told me not to worry about her and I have told her not to interfere with my race plans! I think she will find it a lot easier this year, knowing exactly where I am, and her support will be invaluable to me. I hope she may understand the ultrarunner’s mind a little more!?

All my kit is in various piles (aka heaps) on the spare bed. My race kit and rucksack is all sorted – very happy with a rucksack weight of less than 5kg without food and water. Spare kit will just get chucked in my drop bag!

I’m getting progressively more nervous and excited as the week goes by. Scared too, but not as scared as I was last year – that would be difficult. I’m more aware of how the race will pan out so able to plan a little better. I’m also far more aware of the physical challenges and, probably more importantly, the mental challenges that next week will bring. Naivety and stubbornness got me a long way last year but this year I am physically and mentally far better prepared.

I am in a good place physically and, again more importantly I think, mentally.

I am feeling strong. I am feeling positive.

I will finish.


Jerry Smallwood said... [Reply to comment]

This is so exciting Richard, I am nervous for you. I am going to have to get so many tips off you for the GUCR in May.
Good running, you are going to rock this race.

Nick said... [Reply to comment]

JUST DO IT, Rich. Remember, pain is only temporary, pride is forever. The weather forecast looks benign. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Richard Lendon said... [Reply to comment]

Cheers Jerry - see you around :)

Richard Lendon said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Nick :)

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