Saturday, February 11, 2012


After the double high of The Spine and then skiing, the last 2 weeks have brought nothing but frustration

1. Weather
I hate this grey, cold weather - it just makes me feel miserable and with Lincolnshire being so flat it's just not fun being out. Conditions at work have basically prevented any runs at lunchtime. I even had to resort to the treadmill this week.

2. Injured
Having come through The Spine relatively unscathed and then skied without serious mishap, my Achilles mysteriously started playing up. Two runs last week were OK, then I woke in the morning with an acute calf strain - no idea how that happened. Complete rest for 3 days last weekend (aided by snowfall!) seemed to help, solid 30min on the treadmill on Monday, then a completely leaden-legged 10km on Tuesday flared calf up again so no running since.

Particularly frustrated today as it's been lovely and sunny - woe is me! Although......I have actually listened to my body and NOT run which is a minor miracle for me!

Combined running last 2 weeks = 23 miles.


Wanted to really kick on now after a really solid winter's training. Barry 40 in 3 weeks looking extremely doubtful as I only want to do this if I can perform well - not running round a track for 40miles just for fun!!

Frustrated from Lincoln.......

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Mike said... [Reply to comment]

I know it! ... Wuthering Hike and Falcon Flyer back to back for me early March and ..... frozen lanes, -10.5 yesterday morning!!!! we sit it out but the clock ticks by.

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