Monday, January 09, 2012


Well, I'm well and truly nervous for start of The Spine on Saturday. Been going through the route a lot and the enormity is really dawning on me - it's going to be a real adventure.

Packed my drop bags yesterday - including individual bags of porridge, protein powder and skimmed milk powder for breakfasts. And there's more - random flavours of porridge so I won't know what I'm getting still I make it !! Living life on the edge.

Main rucksack - Inov8 Racepac 32 - is really very full, but I went through everything with Jenny and apart from a couple of unnecessary bags, it's all essential kit or food and snacks. Reckon it weighs about 7kg which is pretty good but feels like a ginormous stuffed sausage - will re-pack before the start and put some stuff in the outside pocket.

Training's gone really well - did 3 consecutive week's of 81, 73, and 83 miles respectively which was really pleasing. Eased right off last week - only 3 runs for just under 30 miles. Now feeling really lethargic but hopefully that's the taper.

Got to catch the train to Edale on Friday for the briefing in the evening - and then I really will be nervous!!

It's going to be interesting......

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Mike said... [Reply to comment]

And it's going to be a great experience!! I walked it 32 years ago :-0.

I'll be looking out for the write up!

Have a great spine and enjoy!

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